DIY Week - Invitation Packaging
October 27, 2008
DIY Inspired
Our next project was sent to us by a reader who clearly has a great hand for crafts! These Invitation Packages are a little more complicated than other projects, but I wanted to share as I think they are so cute...and I think that you can use this idea as inspiration to create your own projects!

invitation folders


Heavy Weight Decorative Paper in 2-3 styles (I used the purple card stock and a straw-like stock)
Bone Folder
Glue or other adhesive
Decorative Stamp and White Pigment Ink
Doily Paper
Tissue Paper, cut to size
2" Circular Punch
1/8" Hole Punch
Satin Ribbon
Vellum Envelopes


1. I made a folder for the invitation using heavy paper.  I cut out a 10x7 rectangle with a triangular section below the right side.

2. I used a bone folder to score the middle (where the folder's spine is) and at the bottom of of the right side so the triangular part could be folded upward.

3. Then I glued the right side of the triangle to the right edge of the folder to make a pocket.

4. I stamped the triangular pocket of the folder using white pigment ink.

5. Then I cut a 5x7 piece of paper doily and glued it to the cover of the folder.

6. I glued the invitation card on the left inside of the folder and stuffed the enclosures in the right hand pocket with the tissue paper rectangles between the cards.

7. I used a 2-inch circular punch to make a paper disc and stamped our initials on it using white pigment ink.  Then I punched two 1/8" of an inch holes on either side of it.

8. I cut rectangles of different colored tissue paper to use between the cards.

9. I closed the folder with the contents inside and tied satin ribbon around the middle, threading through the holes in the paper disc and tying it behind the disc.  Then I took a straw flower and glued it on the back side of the paper disc.

10. To make the liner, trace the envelope onto a sheet of pretty paper.  Cut it out and trim the upper triangular portion about half an inch on either side and trimmed the other 3 rectangular sides by about 1/8 of an inch.

11. Finally I stuffed the folder into the envelope and tied the envelope with twine (like a package) and tied a bow on the front with a couple 1-inch paper discs threaded onto it.  I put that envelope into a slightly larger vellum/glassine envelope.  I put stickers that were addressed on the front of the glassine envelope (the font is Memoir from Veer).