DIY Week: Papel Picado (Cut Paper) Banners
October 27, 2008
North America
DIY Inspired
These heart shaped flags are completely adorable. They would be so cute, hanging from trees at a fun backyard style wedding...

(Easy) DIY Tissue Paper Banners
Inspired from the papel picado (cut paper) banners from Mexico, these are a simpler DIY version of tissue paper banners.  They add inexpensive punches of color for any reception.


Tissue Paper
Craft Punches
Exacto Knife
Glue Stick


1. Collect all supplies.  Tissue paper, craft punches, exacto knife, scissors, glue stick, and string.

2. Cut a stack of tissue paper to the desired size (9 1/2" x 11" or 6" x 7" for mini banners) and use paper clips to keep stack together.  Account for an extra 1" at the top of the banner.  This will be folded over the string for hanging.  A rotary cutter or an exacto knife works well.

3. Use a craft punches or scissors designed to different edge effects around the bottom and sides of banner.  Alternatively you can use a smaller punch to add detail as shown.  Artisans in Mexico use chisels of different shapes and "punch" out designs.  There are many interesting shapes available in the scrapbooking sections of craft stores that have similar effects and are easy to use.

4. To create a design in the center, fold stack in half and cut a small heart.  Alternatively templates can be used but this requires a steady hand with an exacto knife.

5. Using a glue stick, place a thin stripe of glue at the top of the banner and fold over a string.  Continue adding banners leaving a few inches between each one.  Allow for a few feet of string at the beginning and end so that the banner can be hung.

6. Hang the banners and enjoy!  The creases in the tissue can be removed by using an iron on a low setting.