DIY Project - Cupcake Tier
October 27, 2008
DIY Inspired
This next project was so unexpected, I just had to share...a Map-Inspired Cupcake Tier! Plus, you can use these instructions, substituting the map paper for just about any paper, and still have an absolutely adorable way to present your cupcakes.

map cupckae tier


Cupcake Tower
Large Sheets of Decorative Paper or Wrapping Paper
Craft Acrylic Paint
Decorative Ribbon


1. Either make or buy a standard cupcake tower.  I bought a basic cardboard frame.

2. Cover with paper.  My fiance is Italian, so I found some wrapping paper with maps of Italy on it.  I just used the tiers as stencils, then cut them and glued the paper onto the tiers.

3.  I painted the levels between the tiers black with craft acrylic paint.

4. Cover edges with ribbon.  I found some trim at Hobby Lobby and used a hot glue gun.