DIY Inspired Wedding, II
October 10, 2008

A bit more from today's DIY Inspired wedding...

DIY Wedding

From Cameron, Carol and Steve...

The wedding was filled with DIY touches. Carol's sister printed up, cut out, and pasted old family photographs to construction paper and then hung them on twine with clothespins on the "forest walk" to the ceremony site.  Every guest stopped to check out the photos.  It was a huge HIT!

Also in superb DIY fashion their friends cut out Aspen tree ‘rounds’ and arranged tabletop flowers within them. They turned out beautiful. Our friend David constructed these rounds by cutting a fallen aspen into sections and auguring multiple holes into each to contain the stems. He sealed the bottoms with a lacquer to prevent water from leaking onto the tablecloths.

Other tidbits...The bride’s friend Tamara arranged her bouquet using many local flowers including a huge sunflower.  They wrote their own vows, and used a beautiful wood-cut paper invitation to conceal them.

More to come!