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Etsy Giveaway Winners!
October 9, 2008

We had a HUGE response to yesterday's etsy giveaways! So, so fun! I randomly chose the winners, as everyone contributed so kindly, there was really no other way to do it. First, the winner of the completely adorable Elle F Designs custom cake topper...

The winner is Tara whose favorite etsy shop is Whichgoose with their amazing headpiece...


There really are no words as to how much I love these. I would kill to see a bride don one of these beauties, particularly the yellow flowers paired with a simple slim cut gown. Dying. Moving on to all of our other winners!


The lucky winner of the Paloma's Nest wooden thank you notes is...Kristin!

"I am absolutely smitten by the simple ring bowl with wire loop - for wedding or commitment ceremony. It has an understated beauty that resonates. I’ve been searching for the perfect way to honor my grandmother during our wedding. Her favorite flower was a yellow rose. I would absolutely love to display a single stem yellow rose with our wedding rings in this bowl. This would be a wonderful way to honor my grandmother and a visible representation of her love that I carry with me always."

The winner of the 8 mini notebooks by Every Jot and Tittle is...Summer!

"My favorite SMP posts are always the “real weddings”. I have looked through all of them so many times. It is easy to talk about great wedding ideas, or crafts…but getting to see it pulled together in real life helps so much more. The wedding posts of Kiki’s wedding has been a real inspiration. Like her I am trying to do as much DIY projects as I can and I loved hearing about what she did, how she did it, and then seeing exactly how it came out!!! Such a big help!


The Bel Canto Designs winner, with a $50 gift certificate is...Amy!

"Has to be the Isabella Vintage Rhinestone necklace - looks just like something my grandmother would have worn…"

If you won, I'll be in touch shortly. And, thank you so much to everyone who participated! We are going to start having these giveaways more often so not to worry if you didn't win! If you are an etsy seller that would like to participate in a giveaway, send me an email and we can chat!