Birdcage Veils
September 25, 2008

It seems like every time I turn around, I am falling in love with another wedding style trend. And the birdcage veil is my latest passion. I just think that they add a sense of glamour, of unabashed romance to a wedding dress...

birdcage veils

Melody, of Birdcage Veils in Dallas has totally devoted herself to these little pieces of heaven and she's stopping by today to share some thoughts!

The birdcage veil brings a new but vintage look to the fashion of wedding attire. Reese Witherspoon wore a birdcage veil in the movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ in 2002....which we all fell in love with. When a bride asked me to design a birdcage veil just like the one Reese wore in the movie, I scoured the stores until I finally located a netting source which would help me to duplicate this look.

After posting some photos on my web site, a few brave brides decided to step out of the traditional attire and walk down the aisle wearing netting instead of tulle over their face.  Naturally, grooms, bridesmaids and families’ reaction was mixed as they had not seen this bold new style. And yet, once a few brides began wearing birdcage veils, brides from both the east and west coast liked what they saw and began requesting birdcage veils more and more.  Requests from the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia seemed to be next to request this unique new style. I now shipped birdcage veils to every state and to about 25 countries across the globe.

Birdcage veils or hat veils work best with trumpet or mermaid style dresses.  Any dress that is lace is complimented with the French net look of a birdcage veil. The birdcage can be as simple or as dramatic as the bride wants depending on the overall look that she is going for. Plus, photographers love to capture images of brides in birdcage veils...they are just so chic!

Thanks so much Melody!! Stay tuned, we have more great headpieces on the way!