Real Wedding, V
September 22, 2008

Here are a few more images from Kiki's absolutely beautiful wedding...

real wedding

Thank you so much to Kiki for sharing her big day with us! It looks like wedding planning might be in your future! And to Ingrid at Myrtle and Marjoram for sending us the insanely gorgeous images. For those of you that aren't familiar with Ingrid's work, she is a must-have for any wedding. She also has tons of awe inducing inspiration on her website and her beautiful blog.

One last note...we have received a lot of inquiries about the gorgeous ribbon balls that Kiki crafted. She is going to send us a step-by-step DIY in a couple of weeks when she is back at home with all of her supplies, but in the meantime, you can shoot her an email for more info owl{at}happykoogether{dot}com. Also, check out the cute website that Kiki made for her wedding!