Wedding Invitation Ideas by Ceci New York
September 16, 2008

We had such a great response to Lisa Hoffman of Ceci NY's guest blog, we've invited her back to do it again! This time, she is taking us through the complete, behind the scenes design process for an incredible invitation that she did for a couple who was getting married in Antigua, Guatemala.

* * *

Spotlight Ceci Style: The Other Antigua, Lizzie & Daniel’s Wedding Invitation Suite by Ceci New York

Who doesn't love those who aren't afraid to make a statement? This invitation suite is the perfect example of a bride who appreciates great graphic design, incredible details and fine paper. Mixed with a little imagination, amazing things can happen. What a dream it was to work with her...

The objective was to create a completely over-the-top, one of a kind invitation that encompasses detail and unique materials that totally represented the couple's unique style. Not only is there so much meaning behind the design but it is fabulously bold demonstration of mixed media - all in one piece. It combines so many printing techniques and materials - from multi-level blind embossing, letterpress, plexi glass, foil stamping and watercolor to create this magnificent statement.

The bride loved the color yellow and the groom grey. We wanted to capture the spirit of Antigua, Guatemala (the wedding location) with out being so obvious and traditional. The cover of the invite is hand drawn artwork of Guatemalan flowers and the quetzal bird blind embossed in 3 depth levels. The cover center has a custom take on a vintage Guatemalan stamp. The Mayan glyph presented in the center of the stamps is actually the couple’s wedding date!

Inside is a one of a kind watercolor that I hand painted of an abstract tropical take on the Quetzal bird – the bird of Guatemala. Playing off the aerobatic flight of the bird to create the composition. The long dramatic colorful feathers represent life and longevity. The longer the feathers, means the longer the bird has lived. I love the significance of this to the life that the couple is about to start together.

So much more to come!!