How to Create A Dessert Table
September 15, 2008

Okay, like I mentioned in today's earlier post, Amy Atlas has been lovely enough to offer up her tips on designing your own dessert table. Since these fabulous tables are becoming more and more popular for weddings of every budget, I thought you guys would eat this up...

Amy's Sweet Tips for a Fabulous Dessert Table...

Take something that inspires you and create your dessert table around it.  It could be as simple as the design on your wedding invitation.  For example, you can have your cake designer re-create the design on your cake, or you can incorporate that same pattern into a crafting element such as a banner.

Pick beautiful linens and unique vessels to dress up your dessert table. Since your sweets will be the star of your wedding dessert table, the background should have a coordinated, tailored look. 

Always sample your wedding dessert vendors before using them.  A beautiful cake is not always the best tasting cake!  The key is to find the right balance.

Incorporate some type of personalized tag or label element to dress up the dessert table. This will show your guests how personal your dessert table is. You can do this yourself, or have create personalized wedding labels for you.

Provide goody bags for your weddings guests as take home desserts.  It is always a treat to give your guests something that they can take home to remind them of how sweet the day was.

Thank you so much, Amy, for sharing these sweet tips with us (and for providing hours of inspiration with your designs)!