Wedding Photography by Parker J
September 4, 2008

Parker J is one of those photographers that I envy. He is able to capture the most intimate portraits in the most beautiful way, filled with personality, spunk and needless to say, I am THRILLED that he is guest blogging today!

* * *

Hello all of you PRETTY people! I want to thank Abby and Michelle for giving me this amazing opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Parker J and I am a photographer. Although I shot my first wedding in 1984 (sophomore in HS!) and my work is mainly wedding related, I wouldn't consider myself a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer or even a photojournalist.

I am a photographer that has worked in all genres of photography and have blended them together to create a unique interpretation of your wedding day. I think this blending of style can be easily seen in my work by clicking on the image below...

I am fortunate enough to be one of only a few photographers in the world that have been selected by Canon Inc. to represent their Explorers of Light and Printmaster programs. I teach workshops and seminars around the world on seeing wedding photography differently.

Photographing a wedding is not work to me; it is my passion. Every wedding day is unique in love, in personality, and in style. Here are a few images that I hope express that...

Parker J

Okay, the image with the little, so stinking cute!!! So much more to come from the incredibly talented Parker J!