Wedding Cinematography by Elysium, II
September 2, 2008

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Everyone always asks me why I became an event cinematographer and I have a simple answer... because I love to create viewable moments that cause someone to FEEL as if they were there and EXPERIENCE the emotions of such a momentous day. One of the ways we do this in my line of work is through the power of music. Imagine the last scene of E.T. without the amazing John Williams score? Weddings are emotional events, so creative editing powered by an amazing soundtrack equals a cinematic film that allows the viewer to not only watch the wedding, but experience it again.

Another great thing about cinematography is not only does it capture beautiful moving images, but also captures something that photographs cannot… the audio from the day. Check out this Arthouse™ Edit from Betty & Joel’s wedding in Sonoma, CA. It’s around 20 minutes long so it’s best to let it load first before viewing. The ceremony was full of emotion and so were the speeches!

And I know it's already been posted before on this blog, but I'd love to share my personal favorite film that I've ever edited... our 2008 demo reel (length: 6 minutes). I always wait until I find the best possible music selections before editing this (sometimes yearly) piece... although I'm still searching for 2009 (but am storing up those clips though so stay tuned!)

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