Wedding Flowers by James Abel
August 28, 2008

It's no secret that I LOVE James Abel. I actually met him years ago at the Stationery Show and we have been buddies ever since. It's more than his absolutely gorgeous's his lovely personality and passion for what he does that really blows me away. I always look forward to a James Abel event and today, he is sharing some of his personal ideas and inspirations. Can't wait!

* * *

Flowers by James Abel Events

With all of the many decisions to be made for your wedding, don't stress over your flowers. Instead of complex mixed arrangements or bouquets, why not keep it simple? I find there's a sweet and elegant sophistication to using one type of flower per container and grouping them together.

james abel

I like to use flowers of varying heights, colors and texture, such as hydrangea, tulips, orchids, bells of Ireland and roses. You can create tight bundles or just keep it lose and airy. These individual groupings add interest to any table, plus, it's a great way to utilize the vessels themselves as part of your table design.

More to come from James Abel Events in just a bit!