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Wedding Favors by Beau-Coup, II
August 27, 2008

A bit more from Winnie at Beau-coup!

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Wedding Favors Assembly Parties

There are a great many readily available wedding favors to choose from. But for some of us, the best part about doing wedding favors is actually doing them! I love getting together with the girls for an afternoon of yummy treats, good conversation and fun crafts. It's a great way to bond with your bridesmaids!

Some tips for a successful Wedding Favors Assembly Party:

* Prepare to have enough scissors, hole punchers, rulers…whatever you need to make the favors so that you don't waste time taking turns

* Wait until you have all of your wedding favor components before sending out the invitation. Sometimes items in the mail get delayed and it would be a waste to have everyone over and nothing to work on.

* Do a run-through and take note of how long it takes, how much candy goes in a jar, how much ribbon goes around the box, etc. And then make sure you have enough of everything

* Calculate the cost of your favors. Sometimes the little pieces add up and you could be spending more than you expected

* Lastly, make it fun! Prepare food, have some drinks and put on some music so your friends have a good time (…and don't go home spreading rumors about you being a Bridezilla)

Here are some wedding favors packaging ideas from Beau-coup:

Wedding Favors DIY

For my friend's recent brunch bridal shower, we gathered together to assemble her wedding favors. She's a nature girl…I'm talking Prius-driving, works-for-an environmental-non-profit, barters-for-produce-at-the-farmers-market, nature girl. She's awesome and she makes green look great.

Her favors were lavender sea salt and rosemary sea salt from her favorite farm (she's the only person I know who has a favorite farm), Eatwell Farm. The salts were packaged in spice jars from Beau-coup and tied with hand cut, hand written hang tags.

Wedding Favors - Sea Salts Jar

At the wedding, tent cards were set out on each table with a note from the bride and groom about their favors, "We love to put the salts on popcorn, fresh heirloom tomatoes, as a marinade for meats and vegetables and scrambled eggs!" Yum!

By the end of brunch we had 100 wedding favors assembled with love and care. And of course the gracious bride sent us home with bridal shower favors that she made - a CD of her favorite music.

Thank you SO much to Winnie at Beau-coup for all of these great favor ideas! Defintiely check out the site if you have some time...there are so many more really great products!