Wedding Favors by Beau-Coup
August 27, 2008

For anyone who has struggled with finding the PERFECT wedding favor, you know that it can be quite a challenge. Finding something that is filled with personality and style and yet still falls into your budget is a hugely frustrating task. Well, lucky for us, Winnie of Beau-Coup, is here to share with us some ideas for brilliant favors!

* * *

The Great Wedding Favors Debate

There's been some chatter in the blogosphere lately about the necessity of wedding favors. Sadly, some folks seem to consider favors the most expendable item on the wedding checklist. Wedding favors are supposed to be tokens of "thanks" to your guests. Certainly, the choice is yours and if you have a small budget where favors just don't fit, you need to do what makes you comfortable. But for those who dismiss wedding favors simply because they think favors are meaningless trinkets, we believe you just haven't found the right favors!

At Beau-coup we encourage our brides to think about their favors as a way share something about themselves with their friends and family. Whether the favors reflect the story of how the couple met, express a shared passion or illustrate the couple's unique style. When it showcases their personalities and comes from the heart, a thoughtful favor is never a waste.

Consider these fitting favor selections by some of our brides:

"We met at a candy store. We both went for the peach rings and the rest is history. We're going to fill these mini candy dispensers with peach rings!"

wedding favors candy bin

"Well, we met on these match pen key rings are absolutely perfect!"

"We're from Texas and we love Texas barbeque! The personalized barbecue sauce is so us."

wedding favors bbq sauce

The key is to think about your story and figure out what piece you want to share. With a little creativity, the chances of finding a hit are definitely in your favor!

Stay tuned for more great ideas from Beau-coup!!