Wedding Invitations by Peculiar Pair Press, III
August 25, 2008
United States

One more guest post from Peculiar Pair Press!

* * *

When a traditional wedding day is planned, it is important for the invitations to follow suit. The challenge to designing this invitation suite was trying to incorporate the personalities of this exuberant and energetic couple into a very formal style invitation.

wedding invitations - peculiar pair press - 1

Their shared interest in traveling the globe inspired the decision to incorporate vintage travel icons. They were integrated with the calligraphic style imagery in a way that gave the composition an energetic movement. We had the opportunity to interject a bit of humor in the direction card by including a quip about the steep San Francisco hills as well as the cow, chicken and leaf icons for the meal choices. The traditional navy ink color was counterbalanced with a cheery pear green.

wedding invitations peculiar pair press - 2

So gorgeous!! Thank you so much to Amy and Mary Beth of the oh-so-fabulous invitation studio, Peculiar Pair Press, for sharing all of these beautiful design ideas with us!