Wedding Invitations by Peculiar Pair Press, II
August 25, 2008
United States

A few more goodies from the girls at Peculiar Pair Press!

* * *

So often we encounter couples that want to incorporate imagery from their heritage and Emily and Danny were no exception. The common challenge for these invitation designs is to bring these historical elements into a design that is fresh, contemporary and representative of the happy couple. The invitation design must also introduce the wedding day by complimenting either their theme, venue, palette or floral arrangements, to name a few. The result was a combination of chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms which were woven into a spirited plaid pattern that was representative of the ballroom floor detailing in The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay. A bold contemporary monogram offered contrast to the small pattern and was used throughout the invitation and wedding day materials...

wedding invitations - emily and danny - 1

The need for a second invitation in Chinese as well as the several insert cards required us to develop a format that would neatly present all of the materials to their guests. Rather than have a multitude of loose cards all in one envelope, we created a pamphlet style folder with a slim pocket; The English text was printed on the outside, the Chinese text was printed on green paper and placed onto the inside panel and all of the additional cards slipped neatly into the side pocket. All were bound with a vertical belly band that included the couple's monogram.

wedding invitations - emily and danny - ii

Even more to come from Peculiar Pair Press!