Do-It-Yourself Project: Ring Bearer Slings
August 6, 2008

Viola, the creative force behind the design firm Chewing the Cud, has another absolutely gorgeous DIY project to inspire all of us...the oh-so-cute ringbearer book slings!




3 Hardbound books of varying sizes (Mine were: 4.5" x 6.5" ,4" x 5.5" ,3" x 5")

The books can be of any size, but don't make them too big. Remember: little hands, little books.

Decorative Papers and/or Book Cloth

2 kinds of Ribbons (1.5" wide; 0.25" wide)

PVA glue (also known as bookbinding glue)

1. Lay books wide open and measure lengthwise from one end of the cover to the other, including spine thickness.

2. Cut decorative papers so there is an excess of 1/8" all around (except top and bottom of spine).Apply a light coat of PVA on the back of papers.

3. Position book covers on papers and smooth.

4. Fold over the excess 1/8" on all sides. Smooth.

5. Place a phonebook/heavy objects over the closed books and let dry.

6. Stack covered books so the smallest book is on top. To secure the position of the stack, you can add glue/double-stick tape the books to each other.

7. Tie stack using the wide ribbon first, then layering with the narrow ribbon.

8. Slip rings on the narrow ribbon and make a loose loop. (Or if you have a young ringbearer like we did, use fake rings and give the real ones to your best man)

We used plain book cloth for the base book and a plain wide ribbon so the textures wouldn't be overwhelming. But don't be afraid to experiment! Think patterned book cloth, rubber stamps, fabric pens, leather books, personalized ribbons with your names, initials... have fun! Make it yours!

Here is another adorable picture of these great ringbearer bookslings...

diy wedding projects

Thank you SO much to Viola for sharing these great projects with us!!! And if you haven't already, you HAVE to check out the Chewing the Cud wedding line. Her invitations are absolutely gorgeous.