Do-It-Yourself Project by Chewing the Cud
August 6, 2008
DIY Inspired
Yesterday was all about Viola's wedding...and today, she has been sweet enought to share with us some of her gorgeous DIY wedding projects. First up, those amazing crates that held the journal placecards she crafted (you can see instructions on making the journals right here in our DIY section).

From Viola...

diy wedding projects

Antiqued Wooden Crates

From Michael's

plywood crates
Royal Coat Decoupage Finish in Antique

Any hardware store:
100-grit sandpaper
Base color paint of your choice
crackle medium
color copies of your graphics

1. Sand the crate with coarse sandpaper.

2. Paint the crate with the color of your choice. (I found dark brown to be easier to hide the unevenness of my poor sanding job.)

3. Let dry.

4. Apply crackle medium.

5. Let dry.

6. Brush a light coat of the decoupage finish on the back of your graphic and smooth in place on your crate.

7. Let dry.

8. Brush entire surface with finish; when dry and clear (10-20min), repeat.To create an even more distressed look, you can lightly sand over the graphics and crate again after the whole thing is dry.

Love these! They are actually perfect displays for favors, for florals, for just about anything...a great way to add a touch of rustic chic to your wedding style. Stay tuned, we have another DIY project from Viola at Chewing the Cud!