Color Palette Questions - A Tropical Venue
August 4, 2008
Here is our next reader question...

I'm writing to you with sincere desperation.... I am getting married in December on the 29th 2008. Due to the cheap deal, we are doing a winter wonderland theme so rich royal blues, light blue, whites, purples and a punch of royal red. Inspired by a previous design board you had posted about "Jewel tones."

The huge issue is that it is 100% a tropical outside venue, it has huge waterfalls everywhere which look like and feel like you are in Hawaii. So, you see the dilemma? I am also incorporating feathers and diamonds into my floral arrangements since it will do with the winter wonderland glamour feel......

Everyone in the bridal party is nagging and telling me how tacky it will look due to the tropical venue....Can you please help me?!! I'm at the point of canceling everything and eloping!

Any ideas for this bride as to how she can "marry" the two styles?

Abby's Answer...I think that we would need to see the venue to really make sure that it all works, but generally speaking, I don't think that you should force a style upon a venue. I am a big believer that you should allow your natural surroundings to dictate the style of your wedding. In this case, I loooooove the idea of using peacock features and bringing in a deep ocean teal to the palette. Add that with deep raspberry and golden yellows and you would have a beautiful, holiday inspired (but beach appropriate palette).

Bring in accents that help to define the array of berries tucked into floral arrangements, flowy white fabric, beautiful lanterns of various sizes. Little touches will help to marry the tropical surroundings with a warm, romantic Winter wedding.