Color Palettes Questions - Gold and...?
August 4, 2008

A question from reader, Amanda...I'm getting married at the Newton White Mansion May 9, 2009.  My wedding is at 7 PM with ideally an outdoor ceremony and then we will move inside into an all glass atrium at the back of the house for the reception.  I know I want to incorporate the color gold (the chivari chairs that come with the place are gold) but I'm trying to determine the rest of the look.  I know I want something very classic.  I like to describe the idea of my wedding as Italian meets Gone with the Wind and I want a very simple, elegant, romantic feel to it.  Despite the time of the wedding, I'm not wanting it to be black-tie.

What do you guys think? Any ideas for a pretty, romantic (but not super-formal) color palette that incorporates gold?

Abby's Answer...I found these gorgeous flowers (see below) on Modern Day Design's site and thought that they were the perfect inspiration for this palette dilemma. I love the idea of using a mix of peaches and creams, accented with natural greens and even deeper browns. All of those hues. are a perfect compliment to gold and will only add to the elegance and richness of the venue...

romantic elegance wedding color palette

All florals by Modern Day Design, Khaki suite on, Jewelry by Saylor Sage