Wedding Dresses by Stephanie James
July 30, 2008

When I was swooning over the Stephanie James dress from earlier today, I decided to check out her blog. Needless to say, I spent WAY too long drooling over her incredible, 50's inspired creations....

stephanie james wedding dresses

How beautiful are these dresses!?!? Stephanie's blog is filled with amazing creations, you absolutely have to check out. Even more exciting, she features tons of pretty awesome head pieces and accessories...

stephan in love! Stephanie's dresses range in price from $1200 - $4000 and accessories range from $150-$300. If you want to work directly with Stephanie, you can see the ordering information right here. Otherwise, stop in to one of her retailers and try one on!

So...I am curious to many of you would consider wearing a tea length gown? I LOVE the look, but it is a bit untraditional and I would love to know who is looking to embrace the style?