Destination Wedding In Mexico By Amy Nichols
July 22, 2008

I gave you guys a little teaser from this wedding, when I featured Amy Nichols in our Abby Loves section (above), but I wanted to share ALL of the amazing details with you today...

amy nichols

all of these gorgeous images were captured by the amazingly talented Lisa Lefkowitz

The wedding was held in Mexico and really focused on unique and approachable details that would leave guests with a romantic, beautiful memory.

From Amy...

The hanging ribbons in the wedding theme colors were a total "day-of" decision. We had originally wanted to do something w/ flowers trailing from the flowers but the place we were hanging them from was over 16' high so I decided to cut lengths of ribbon to line the entry so the wedding colors were the first thing guests saw. When they blew in the breeze they were very pretty!

Right before guests sat down, I clipped fresh bougainvillea and tucked it into each napkin. I tied the napkins with pink string just to add a little color and to hold down the bougainvillea

The luminaries were STRAIGHT out of Martha Stewart. We cut gold doilies and put them inside white paper bags and weighed down w/ sand.

For the bouquet and the centerpieces we scanned pictures and emailed them to the florist in Mexico. With a language barrier and a destination wedding, a picture literally does tell a thousand words. The florist did a great job of duplicating the flowers we wanted.

Instead of reserving seats for family members w/ flowers, we took sprigs of Eucalyptus to mark the rows. They smelled wonderful!

We have so many more images coming from this lovely wedding!