Wedding Cakes by Elegant Cheesecakes
June 23, 2008
United States

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I have been drooling over these cake pictures by Elegant Cheesecakes in Half Moon Bay, California for the past three days and am so excited to finally share them with you (even if you hate me for making you want a piece of cake, rather than a bowl of oatmeal)...


How gorgeous are these cakes?? The second photo down with the lemons is my chic, so elegant. Love, love, love it!

Whether your wedding cake is traditional or whimsical, it can really be such a fun and important part of your wedding style. My own wedding cake was a simple, three tiered round cake covered in sugar sat right at the corner of the dance floor, adding such a pretty, glistening touch to the night. I've seen others that are more ornate, those that are fun and untraditional, those that are kind of a combination of styles...the cake is just one of those great places to really express your personalities.

So what kind of cake are you guys doing? Traditional? Modern? Cupcakes? No cake at all?