Ask Abby
June 4, 2008

Today is all about color palettes. Color palette dilemmas are by far the most popular dear abby questions that I get, so I thought we needed a day devoted to finding and settling on the right color palette. Since SMP readers are so creative and many of them are in the same boat, I thought we could tackle these questions together.

Our first question comes from Elissa...

Q: I am having a really hard time finding anything (pictures of real weddings, pictures from magazines, invitations, etc) in the color scheme I have envisioned and I'm beginning to think it's because I did not pick colors that work together. My ceremony is in a Tuscan Garden (under a bronze gazebo with fireplace) and the reception is being held in an all white room with large windows (taking place in November 2009). I have picked Wine as the primary color (and even found great BM dresses in the perfect shade) but I wanted to brighten everything up and keep it a fun/more casual atmosphere with apple green, burnt orange, and maybe some raspberry accents. Again I can't find anything even similar to this palette - I am in the very beginning stages of planning and can change the colors. Can this palette be done?

What do you guys think? Is this palette too difficult to achieve or is she on the right track? Here are my thoughts...I think that a deep wine color as a foundation is PERFECT for a fall wedding in a Tuscan Garden. I played around with a lot of different accent colors and this is the board that I was most drawn to...


Dress by Jenny Yoo, Orange Accents by Fiore Designs, Flowers by Fiore Deigns, Boutonniere by Crimson and Clover, Box of Greens by Vesou and photographed by Trever Hoehne

I love the muted raspberry boutonniere, paired with touches of orange, peach and a brighter green. I also envision gold or bronze lanterns of various sizes and heights accenting the area. Filing the vases with cranberries or deep colored beans, as one commenter mentioned, would be a lovely way to bring the palette back to that gorgeous wine color. The entire palette seems really rich, warm and elegant to me....everything that a Fall inspired wedding should be!