Ask Abby
June 4, 2008

Our next question comes from Kate... Q: I am having a spring wedding, and interested in using "grass green" as my main color. I would like some accent colors as well, and was thinking either pale purple or pale pink or going black, white and grass green.

What do you guys think would be the perfect accent color to a grass green foundation? For me, it was a no brainer...right now, I am loving green & white, paired with a pretty Spring-time yellow. From the comments that we've received so far, it looks like I am not alone!


Green dress by Bluefly, Tulips by James Abel, Letterpress by The Lettered Olive, Yellow Favors by The Lettered Olive, Green Thank You by The Brand Hatchery, photographed by Tanja Lippert

What I will say is that green is a relatively neutral color and looks truly gorgeous paired with just about any color. By simply varying the hues...bringing in a chartreuse green, a deep green and perhaps even a yellow/ can create a palette that is rich in dimension and natural beauty. Pairing it with black would bring a contemporary vibe. Pairing with various shades of deep pink and raspberry would be gorgeous and feminine.