Ask Abby
June 4, 2008

Our next questions comes from Jam (short for Jahmeilah) who could really use our help with her wedding colors... Q: I am writing because I am getting married this August and still slightly nervous about our colors. The bridesmaids will be wearing deep red dresses but so far everything else is lime green (inspired by my love for cymbidium orchids), white, and deep/dark wood (b/c of our love for all things nature and the elements of our reception site). Our invitations were lime and white, our aisle runner will be white a will the ceremony chairs.We're not going to have a lot of flowers, just my bouquet and some bouts for the men, for centerpieces we both would really like to do wheatgrass is dark stained wooden boxes. We do have two large urns we're going to use to frame us during the ceremony and we're still undecided about what to fill them with so there's potential there. And I was thinking of using tissue paper pomanders to line the aisle and add some color so maybe there's potential there as well. But in terms of the reception all we've decided on are the wheatgrass centerpieces.

One of our fears from day one is that things will be too christmasy which isn't want we want. Now I am nervous that I am not incorporating enough of the deep red into things. So far all I've found is the attached picture from The Knot's spring/summer magazine.


How important is it that we have a lot of both colors? Any help is greatly appreciate! What do you guys think? What can Jam do to bring in color but also avoid that Christmas-looking feel? For me, it's hard to avoid the Christmas feel when your colors are red and green. I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how to create this look and feel while capturing a light-hearted, Summer affair. Here is what I came up with...


Deep Red dresses on Bluefly, Cake by Tanja Lippert, Grass by Hatch Creative Studio, Apples and Flowers by Tanja Lippert

I have said it a few times on this blog, but it really is amazing just how much of a decor element the bridesmaids can be! Stick to a bright and fresh lime green palette, with white and deep woods while letting your girls be your accent color. I would also make sure to incorporate very notably Summer details...big bowls of fresh limes & apples, pretty white parasols for your guests, boxes of grass that hold place cards and such. Little elements like these will steer the look away from Christmas and much more into a pretty Summer style.

If you do want to bring the red in, make sure to do so subtly and Summery...bowls of cherries and strawberries like one commenter mentioned would be perfect. Thin red ribbon tying up favor boxes or securing napkins, floating red flowers in clear bowls along the bar, things like that.