Wedding Invitations by Smock, II
June 2, 2008

Amy Stigler, designer of the fab new line of wedding invitations, Smock, has been sweet enough to share with us the inspirations behind her gorgeous designs...


From Amy...

Without sounding cliche, I do glean inspiration from just about everything.  I am constantly snapping photos or drawing quick sketches of visuals that inspire me.  I would say that much of my  inspiration for the Smock wedding line came directly from nature. But I do try to offer a stylized 'reading' of natural objects -- using line, shape & color to give the natural elements a bit of a  graphic or modern edge.

Also, since I was trained as an art historian, I spend much time looking at historical imagery and objects ('high' and 'low').  I often look to decorative objects, such as architectural details or antique silverware engravings, for motif inspiration.

Color is a huge source of inspiration for me (and a huge source of contemplation). I spent much time choosing the wedding line colors -- as I was determined that they were spot on. Right now, I love what I call 'dusty' or colors that are a wee-bit muted.

Lettering styles and combinations and general text layout is something else I spent some time considering.  I really love to play with negative space and airiness when it comes to text.  And I tend to gravitate more toward lettering styles that have a historical or classic or hand-scripted feel which may have to do with my love of vintage books & letters.  Oh, and I love incorporating hand- lettering.  It just gives it that timeless, sophisticated, custom feel which just feels so perfect for a special invitation.

As I designed the Smock wedding line I really thought about I could create and combine patterns in a way that could be both modern and traditional.  I also wanted the clients to be able to really customize their designs so it is perfectly suited to their wedding and the patterns really do give each design nearly limitless possibilities.