Reader Inspiration Boards
May 21, 2008

Our next reader inspiration board comes from Lisa who is having a ballroom wedding at the same perfect spot that I had my wedding reception...the Parker House in Boston, Massachusetts!


So pretty! Lisa does have a quick question for you guys though...

I’m in love with the “cement” color that Jenny Yoo sells in shangtung. I always saw my maids in a champagne/gold-y color, and “cement” fits perfectly with my imagined color scheme (I’ve attached my inspiration board – also the cover of my wedding binder! – so you can see what I mean). The thing is…am I going to have 9 pissy bridesmaids if I make them wear this? My mom is convinced that it’s “blah” and that it will wash people out, but I think it’s elegant and really don’t want to go with a color for my evening wedding in the city. And the model who's wearing the dress is blonde with light skin and she looks gorgeous in it, so I have to disagree about the "washing out" part. Can you let me know what you think?