Wedding Calligraphy by Laura Hooper, II
May 14, 2008

I honestly believe that (if your budget allows) calligraphy can add so much to a wedding. From a beautifully designed envelope, to perfect place cards...calligraphy adds a touch of femininity and art to your look. Thus, I wanted to share a few more tips from Laura Hooper about incorporating calligraphy into your wedding style...


Think Creatively: I have done some pretty interesting pieces in calligraphy. Most recently, I did an order for a wedding in San Diego, CA for calligraphy on Lucite tiles. They were dark red, and the calligraphy was painted on in gold ink. They looked amazing. They were displayed on the wall with a light behind them so they lit up. The table numbers were matching, they were larger red panels with the names of golf courses as table names instead of numbers. I have also done sanddollars, compasses, and Spanish tiles as placecards as well.

In addition to envelopes and placecards, you can do all your table signs, bar signs, and miscellaneous signs in calligraphy. Also, you can incorporate camera ready artwork into your invitations, menus and programs. I do a lot of work for menus and programs. I also like to do personalized photo mattes, and I have a lot of requests to get wedding vows and poetry written in calligraphy as well.

We have a bit more to come...Calligraphy, The Look for Less!