Wedding Jewelry by Sonya Renee
April 30, 2008

One of my favorite jewelry designers, Sonya Renee, has recently launched a bridal line...a stunning collection catered to brides and gifts for their beautiful maids! Gina at Sonya Renee designs jewelry that is chic, simple and yet all class. I was introduced to her work a while back, when my best friend, Katie, ordered the most precious earrings for all of her maids. I am still in love with them, so needless to say, when Gina sent me her newest collection, I was smitten...


Aside from the fact that these pieces are gorgeous (so my style), I love that Gina has something for many different price ranges, colors and style to choose from. Her new cushion cut stones are perfect...the white topaz for the bride, the sweet colored stones for her bridesmaids. My personal favorite, however, is that amazingly simple, circle necklace in the bottom left photo.

Check out the new Sonya Renee Bridal collection when you have a minute. She takes custom orders and offers nice price breaks when you order in larger numbers.

More fun jewelry finds coming throughout the day!