Ask Abby
April 29, 2008

This next Dear Abby was titled "Color Choice Disaster" so I think that our bride really needs our help!


Q: Our color palette is basically apple green as the domineering color with blush pink and light turquoise as the sub colors. I knew I should’ve picked less colors, like two instead of three. Right now I’m so confused in the mixing and matching of all three together. First of all, what do you think about the color palette? Do you think I’ve picked too many colors? If so, what would be your suggestion? It’s 3 months away from the wedding! :(

What do you guys think? Too many colors?

A: I have to say, I agree with many of the comments that you need a foundation color. It would ground your palette in a way that these lighter colors simply can't. With that said, I also think that you can look at this palette in a couple of ways. If you want a variety of light colors, make sure that you vary the hues and add in elements with pattern or texture (vintage teacups with prints on them, great patterned napkins, bouquet's filled with multiple colors) otherwise, your overall look will run the risk of seeming somewhat bubblegum-ish.

When I was playing around with your palette, I was really drawn to the two shades of green, paired with the pink. It's kind of preppy chic, which I love. I struggled with the blue. So, my thought it is this...

What if you used your varying shades of green as your foundation colors...letting deeper greens sit next to lime greens. Have your maids in a great pink dress, with gold strappy heels and a bright white and green bouquet. Bridesmaids make for FABULOUS decor so although the palette might seem predominately green and white, the accent of the girl's dresses will add a lovely splash of color...


Pink dress by BCBG, Ring Pillow on Soiree Charleston, Green Leaves by Rosenow, Table Numbers on Soiree Charleston, White Flowers on Soiree Charleston, Pink Invitations by Peculiar Pair Press, Cocktails on Soiree Charleston

Also remember that some colors can come rather creatively...if you're having your wedding outside, the blue of the sky or the ocean will provide a beautiful accent color that goes with just about everything. You can bring in greens and pinks through the cocktails that you serve. Hope this helps!