Ask Abby
April 29, 2008

Our next Dear Abby question is in regards to bridesmaids dresses which I know we ALL struggle with!

Q: My bridesmaids mean the world to me. They are all very different in their shapes, skin tones and financial status'. So, I thought I would make it easy on them and just ask them to buy their own black bridesmaids dress. Our wedding is in the Spring and will likely be outdoors. Will this work? Should I choose an accent color?

What do you guys think about wearing black in a Spring Wedding? What secondary color(s) would you pair with the classic shade?

A: I think that using black dresses is always classic. Always chic. No matter what time of year it is. It's the colors and the styles that you pair with the black that really create the style of your wedding. When I first read your dilemma, I immediately thought of that amazing Real Wedding that we featured a few months back, sent to us by Cotton Idea Studio. I love the pairing of the fresh, crisp green and whites with the oh-so-sophisticated black. So, that's just what I've envisioned for you...


Little Black Dress by Bluefly, Green Flowers (top right) by Rosenow,Floral Design, Necklace by Nordstrom, Bridal Shot by Trevor Hoehne, Green Flower Box by Vesou with photography by Trevor Hoehne

I would love to see your bridesmaids dresses accent the dresses with delicate gold necklaces and strappy sandals. Accessories should stay light and airy. The bright green bouquets will add that pop of Spring that you are looking for.

Honestly, as long as you stick with hues that are clean and bright...anything from whites, to peachy pinks to beautiful can't go wrong!