Ask Abby
April 9, 2008

Our last question for today comes from Lauren...

Q4: I have found a really cool, yet unexpected (at least compared to the usual country club weddings) site for my wedding. It's the Oklahoma City Farmer's Market. The building has beautiful, if rough around the edges, architecture. Huge, paned windows, an enormous wood's a beautiful space. It does have its quirks. One that has me pausing are the murals on the wall of various fruits and veggies and maybe a farmer here or there. For the most part the walls are white stucco and crumbly cinder blocks (I swear the overall appearance is very nice! Though we will have to fancy it up with a lot of candles and greenery and flowers). Anyway, I'm wondering if you have any ideas about how to camouflage a few walls, or portions of walls...

I think that this is a pretty common dilemma...figuring out how to hide the blemishes of a space, while not spending a fortune or taking away from the overall style that you've planned. Anyone have any tips for Lauren?

A: First of all, I love your venue. So unique, so beautiful. I think that they key to adding texture to a large space and/or hiding blemishes is large panels of fabric. It doesn't have to be cheesy or too wedding-y. Simply choose a really simple, semi sheer fabric and hang along the wall with the murals. I

agree with the readers that lighting here is key. Spending a bit of money on a lighting team will totally change the look and feel of the space. Good lighting can easily hide parts of the room, while highlighting the beautiful elements. For a space like this, lighting is worth every penny.