Ask Abby
April 9, 2008

Here is the second question of the day, and one that I am pretty sure a lot of brides are struggling with!

Question number two comes from Leasa...

Q2: Help!!! My best friend and maid of honor has informed me that she will be seven months pregnant by the time my wedding rolls around in October of this year. There is no way I would even consider taking my vows without her by my side, but I want her to look cute and stylish for the wedding (not dumpy). I also want her to coordinate with the other bridesmaids who also vary in shape and size.

In total I have five bridesmaids: my best friend/MOH who will be seven months pregnant (she is also about 5'8" and average build); two petite cousins who are both around 5'3" and 90 pounds soaking wet; a friend who is 5'3", very full-figured and top heavy; and another friend who is 6'1", full-figured and top heavy (she will also have given birth the month before the wedding). I'm not stuck on having them all wear the same dress, but I would like them to wear the same color and fabric. Do you have any recommendations for dress manufacturers that can accommodate all of these different body types?

I want everyone to look their best and I really want my MOH to feel comfortable. I also want everyone to look very stylish in a dress that is complementary to each figure. Like I said before, HELP!!

A. All of you have such great ideas! Leasa, my first instinct when I read your question, was to refer you to Jenny Yoo. I am a huge fan of Jenny's and after seeing a fashion show of hers in New York, I am convinced that her designs are some of the best out there. She has absolutely beautiful fabrics and colors and the cuts are all very now, without seeming too trendy.

This would be my pick for your girls. I love the flowy fabric and the delicate look of the dress. Jenny makes a great maternity dress, as well, that coordinates nicely with this line. I would have each maid choose the style that suits their body type and their personality...


Another option would be to order the brilliant bridesmaid dress by Two Birds Bridesmaid...


This dress makes it so simple to accommodate different body types. I am partial to the shorter length and think that the apple green would be a lovely look.

Aside from these two designers, all of those mentioned by readers are really great and have TONS of beautiful options. Simple Silhouettes and Aria are my personal favs of the larger scale shops. Hope this helps!