Reader Inspiration Boards - Sierra Nevada Wedding
April 8, 2008

I'm actually traveling back to Boston today, after a great vacation with my family. But, I wanted to leave you with a reader inspiration board that is sure to get the creativity (and the motivation) flowing!

This gorgeous board is designed by Rebecca who is looking to create a magazine-worthy wedding for "waaaay under $10,000!" Here is the inspiration...


Here are some of Rebecca's ideas for keeping the cost down...

1. I found a wonderful private 30 acre vacation rental in the high sierras with a log cabin and a lake as our venue. It's breathtakingly beautiful, rustic, and private. And much, much cheaper than hiring a formal venue!

2. I will be doing all the flowers myself. I'm even growing most of them myself as I am fortunate to have a large, fertile garden and a green thumb. They will be a mix of burgandy/mauve, peach, gold and green dahlias, callas and roses. I will use all sizes of mason jars as vessels/candle holders, as well as flax wrapped around plastic containers as vases for the centerpieces, and will cover candle shades with flowers to create cool mood lighting. I like the idea of using feathers to add to the nature meets luxury theme

3. I will prepare all the food ahead of time. Again I will be growing most of the produce, e.g., wonderful heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and shallots for the salad, purple and gold potatoes, purple tipped asparagus which fortunately grows for a long season in my west coast yard. I will marinade all the meats ahead of time, rent a giant barbeque, and pay a few local cooking school students to man the barbeque and act as wait staff. Because of the huge saving here I can afford to splurge on luxury items such as lobster, oysters, caviar, filet, etc.

4. Being a graphic designer, I'm creating all the paper goods myself. I've already created a retro "wish you were here? . . . we do!"

postcard of the lake at the venue as a save the date. I even super-imposed a picture of my beau and I in a row boat onto the card and then used a watercolor filter to make it look like a painting

5. I'm the lead singer in a band! So my band mates will provide cool laid back mood music throughout the event. And I've penned a song as an ode to my husband-to-be that I will perform during the event - my own version of a speech!

6. I got my beautiful, very expensive looking dress custom made by a place in Thailand that I found on Ebay. Cost about $200

7. I also bought the 20x60' tent on Ebay, much cheaper than renting, and will just resell it afterwards. I will however rent the chairs and tables unless I can find a real deal and do the same as I did with the tent!!

8. I'm accumulating all the linens/tablewares from places like DeeDees Discounts and Ross - going for eclectic luxe meets shabby chic!

I honestly think that Rebecca might be one of the most resourceful people I have ever met! I can't wait to how all of her ideas translate! Definitely keep us posted, Rebecca!