Casting Call!
April 4, 2008

We are looking for some fun, new weddings to feature on the blog and we thought who better to ask than our dear readers!! Although we love ALL types of weddings, we would love for you to send us your wedding that is...

*Filled with personality...unique touches, like those featured in Alex Cohen's rocker chic style.

*Budget-Friendly...and yet still incredibly stylish and lovely, like the wedding that Avalon sent us a few months back.

*DIY filled...we love to see the do-it-yourself projects that you've accomplished for your big day, just like Thryn's DIY affair.

*Inspired by an Inspiration Board that you created, just like Jean's beautiful pink and brown affair.

Again, we would love for you to send us any and all weddings as our readers vary in their styles, personalities and budgets. And, feel free to pass along the casting call to your friends and fam that might like to submit something of their own.

Have a great weekend...see you on Monday!