Paper Goods by Yellow Owl Workshop
April 1, 2008

I get a lot of emails from wonderful designers all of whom are creating beautiful elements for any wedding. But honestly, I only pick those that I truly love (and that I know you will love) for features on SMP. When Christine of Yellow Owl Workshop emailed me (just yesterday) some pictures of her absolutely gorgeous, handmade journals, I stopped the presses on our weekly schedule to show you these little works of art...


These are actually cotton watercolor books, which make great wedding gifts, but instead I think that they are absolutely perfect for a guestbook. Each book is adorned with dozens of potato print birds, so every journal will contain a different flight pattern....a complete one of a kind.

Christine also designs wonderfully unique and perhaps even quirky (in the best way possible) wedding stationery...


Each piece is designed to suit the personality of the couple...a forever keepsake that is a true reflection of your day. Thank you so much to Christine for sending me these beautiful ideas! If you are in need of a little inspiration, definitely check out the Yellow Owl Workshop site and Christine's coordinating blog!