Wedding Photography by Andreas
March 26, 2008

For as long as I can remember, I have loved classic black and white wedding photography. There is something so timeless, so sophisticated about the perfect black and white shot...many times, it's the black and whites that convey the pure emotion of the day. They are dreamy and romantic in that chic and artistic way.

Lucky for us, one of my favorite Little Black Book members and Toronto based photographer, Andreas, specializes in those perfect black and white images that we love so much...


Before I comment on the stunning images, I should tell you all how much I am in LOVE with that wedding gown...custom made for the bride by Ines Di Santo herself. This wedding took place in Toronto at Graydon Hall and what really made it special was the unique connection between the families...hers a large Jamaican family, his a small French family. Huge cultural difference and yet a strong emotional connection.

And get this...the first dance was sung by none other than the lead singer of

the Philosopher Kings, Gerald Eaton - the brides uncle!

Thank you so much, Andreas for sharing these gorgeous images with us. I am absolutely in love with the picture that you captured through the window of the couple dancing. Incredibly touching. Check out the Andreas Photography site when you have a minute for tons of beautiful inspiration!