Real Wedding, II
March 24, 2008

I really wanted to share a bit more from Ameleah's gorgeous and affordable wedding. For those of you that are dying to know how much this wedding cost and what exactly "budget-friendly" means...well (drum roll please)....Ameleah planned and executed this stunning wedding for a grand total of $12,331.

And just look at the sheer beauty and the chic style that she could grace the covers of any major bridal magazine!


More from Ameleah...

I tried to tackle as many DIY projects ahead of time as possible. I already mentioned the invitations, programs and save the dates but I also made moss covered monogram letters to decorate our reception doors (picture to come) and crepe paper poppers filled with freeze dried rose petals for guests to shower us with as we walked down the aisle.

I also did most of the flowers myself. I ordered our personal flowers from a florist, but I did all the centerpieces, decorated the arch for our ceremony, made nosegays for the aisle, two wreaths, and arrangements for the escort card table and guestbook table in the two days prior to the wedding. Flowers were one of my priorities, I wanted tons of flowers at my wedding, but when I received the quote from the florist I knew we couldn't afford it. I also didn't want to compromise on this. I wanted green orchids and masses of cream roses with pink and brown accents. I know this isn't for everyone, but I love flower arranging and I knew that I could save a ton of money by doing them myself. I shopped around a lot on the internet for the best prices, did a lot of research and made trial arrangements so I felt comfortable recreating them before our wedding. I recruited my mom and bridesmaids to help with the prep work. I actually ended up liking the arrangements I made myself better than the professional bouquets from the florist.

I also did a lot of comparison shopping on the internet. I knew what I wanted and I wanted to get

the best price possible. Some of my favorite online vendors are Jamali Garden for vases, Romantic Flowers for ribbon and Envelope Mall for envelopes for save the dates and envelopment style folders.

More great tips and ideas from Ameleah to come later today!