Bridesmaids Gifts, III
March 20, 2008

This next set of bridesmaids gifts is all about the monogram. If done in a cute and fashionable way, monograms can be very chic...not to mention, a great way to personalize a gift...


Although monograms have been around for ages, there are now so many great options that are much more stylish and fresh!

1. Those insanely cute lacquer trays made by IOMOI are super cute and are great on their own, or used to hold another present. Maybe alongside a bottle of champagne and two cute champagne glasses with a note promising to visit so that you can have a celebratory drink!

2. I love this stationery set by IOMOI. The coordinating liner adds an element of style that makes them perfect for everyday use.

3. These initial necklaces, designed by Sonya Renee, are AMAZING. They are definitely on the pricier end but are honestly the most perfect gift if you only have a couple of maids. Or, as a special gift for your maid of honor. Sonya is so sweet and easy to work with, so I am sure that she can also custom design something for you, as well.

4. I am normally not a monogrammed flip-flop kind of girl, but these come in SO many colors and would just be a perfect gift for a Spring or Summer wedding. Too cute.

5. My best friend, Katie, gave us these awesome totes at her wedding. She also included a pashmina and a set of Sonya Renee earrings that we could wear at the wedding...together, it was the cutest gift and I have put every element to use time and time again.

Okay, so now that I've shared my picks...I'm dying to know what you are thinking about getting your maids? Or, what is the best gift you've received? ??