Bridesmaids Gifts, II
March 20, 2008

This next set of bridesmaid gift ideas is all about photos...whimsical ways to create and share memories. If your bridesmaids are a little more fun-going and might not appreciate the oh-so-feminine gifts from earlier today, a great photo gift will definitely make them smile...


I love these photo inspired part vintage, one part whimsy. They are perfect for your more fun-loving bridesmaids!

1. A mini hand-held Polaroid spits out these adorable mini-pics. Include a few packs of film refills and you have a perfectly quirky gift!

2. This classic Polaroid is so great. You really can't beat the cool factor associated with a Polaroid. Although I did hear that the company went out of business, you can still buy these gems all over the internet. Just make sure to include extra film!

3. Kolo Arts makes some of the best photo preservation books and boxes that I've seen. These are actually scrapbooks and although it will take you a bit of time to create, a scrapbook filled with old photos and fun memories will be something that your bridesmaids will completely cherish. When you are making a scrapbook for a friend, try to make them simple and clean with photos, bits of memorabilia and a few handwritten words. Something that they would be proud to put on a coffee table.

4. I love photo boxes and this one by Kolo is just gorgeous. You can personalize it by inserting some of your favorite photos associated with each maid or by adding envelopes to divide the photos up with fun topics..."the early days," "college years," etc.

5. Okay, this is seriously cool. Send in one of your favorite photos to Custom Canvas and they will generate a "painted" canvas for your maids to love. They have a handful of different sizes and prices to choose from so there is something for everyone.

6. These customized lockets by Chloe Jade are so strange and yet so awesome, all at the same time. Send in a pic of you and your maid and they will make it into a custom locket. They are a little pricey and let's face it, a little kitchy, but there are certain people that will soooo appreciate their charm!

We have more great gift ideas to come!