Ask Abby
March 17, 2008

One last Dear Abby for the day! I am going to begin writing in my answers later this evening and will finish up on tomorrow's AM post. I want to give you guys plenty of time to write comments and brainstorm with these brides!

I am planning a New York City wedding for November. The natural suggestion seems to be to go with a "fall colors" palette but for whatever reason I'm just not that into it -- probably because the church sanctuary where we're having our wedding has a beautifully gilded and painted domed ceiling in primarily medium-toned wood, French blue, gold and taupe colors. I feel like reds, oranges and yellows would clash there, as well as in our reception venue, which is likely to be a private club in soft neutrals.

I love the French blue and taupe color palette but I fear it will look "flat" once we get outside the church. Then again, NYC is all about greys and black and white. Also, I'm stymied as to what types of flowers would look good with French blue and taupe. Also, is that color combo just...over?

Initially, I was inspired by the Mariebelle chocolate boxes but went with the softer brown because I feel chocolate is somewhat overused.

Is there any way to freshen/liven up this color palette or give it some "pop"? Is there a warm color that would be a good accent to those two tones that I could consider for flower?

A. Erin has found this bridesmaids dress that she loves. My suggestion with this dress, is to go with creamy white bouquets with either a flat gold or pewter colored strappy heal. I think that tying a silk or satin ribbon around the base of the bride's bouquet in that same blue shade would be gorgeous.

What do you guys think???