Dear Abby
March 17, 2008

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today, we are all about color palettes. Choosing the perfect wedding color seems to be the most difficult part of planning a wedding for many brides. Either the colors that the couple have chosen clash with the reception venue or the bridesmaids don't like the hues that they have to wear...whatever the case, there are always stumbling blocks when it comes to your color palette.

So today, we are doing reader color palette questions. Our first dilemma comes from Gina...


I'm getting married on June 21, 2008 in California at a country club up in the mountains (so lots of greenery). I am all about having a classic, elegant, romantic, yet fun and chic wedding. My favorite color is yellow and my husband's is blue, so originally I was going to go with a navy blue, yellow combination. However, after getting my dress and seeing the yellow dresses on my friends (they all have very pale skin), I have decided to go with my second choice - grey, blush, and a mauve rose.

Does this color palette fit a summer wedding particularly against a lot of green? I ordered grey dresses by Jim Hjelm in chiffon, but do you think that it is too dull for a summer wedding? I don't really like hot pink, but do you think I need to add some brightness to my color palette? Also, any ideas on what color linens to use??

A. First of all, I love the idea of having a grey and dusty rose palette. It is so incredibly chic and elegant. Grey dresses, varying shades of pink bouquets, and various shades of pink pashminas or cardigans for the reception (as one of our smart readers suggested!). With you in all white, this combination will be absolutely gorgeous. The natural element of green will be stunning against this palette, as long as you don't get too modern with your attire and your flowers. Think unstructured, flowy and organic.

Do you guys have any ideas or tips for Gina? Don't be shy...I'm sure that any input would be greatly appreciated!