A Winter Wedding
March 6, 2008
Winter Weddings

When Rachel, one of our readers, emailed me the images from her recent Winter wedding...I fell in love. I have always been a huge fan of winter weddings. There is just something so romantic and dreamy about a wedding in the snow with twinkling lights and gorgeous winter palettes. Rachel's wedding was just that...


Although these pictures really are just a sneak peak of the entire affair, I thought they were a lovely way to introduce this wedding. Rachel has been sweet enough to share with us a few of the details....

My husband and I were married on one freezing day, January 12, 2007. Pictures from our wedding express my love for all things natural. The only flowers in the entire wedding were the bouquets...the rest was filled with trees and branches! With the exception of my dress and the tuxes, everything in the wedding was


My dad, who has been a pastor for 30+ years, walked me down the aisle and also performed the ceremony. It was an overwhelming experience. After he pronounced us man and wife, we joyfully skipped down the aisle to Michael Buble's "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow," while guests tossed snow on us! It was hilariously fun!

This wedding was, in a word, magical. Rachel made sure that every detail was not only cared for, it filled with meaning. From the moment guests arrived, they knew that they were attending a very special evening, for a very special pair. We have so many more pictures and thoughts from Rachel, so definitely stay tuned throughout the day!