Do-It-Yourself Projects by Matthew Mead
March 4, 2008
DIY Inspired
I spent some time last night looking through all of Matthew Mead's gorgeous websites and I was reminded of some of his absolutely beautiful DIY projects, most of which can be incorporated into just about any wedding...


all photos and instructions from Matthew Mead Style

These shabby chic touches are from Matthew's Summer 2007 site. They are sweet and girly and would be perfect additions to a vintage, chic, backyard wedding. OR, use a different paper to cover or line the items and they can instantly be transformed into a more modern look.

1. To make the cute lunch boxes, featured in the top left corner, find a paper beverage box that you can cover and re-create. Using paper (either your own favorite wrapping paper, or a paper from Matthew's downloads section), wrap the container so that all sides are covered, using double sided tape to attach the paper. Matthew's version includes a soda, a sandwich, an apple, a flower, and
silverware. A cloth napkin adds an elegant touch to this literal
“lunch-to-go.” These lunch-to-go kits are PERFECT for a day-of treat for your bridesmaids.

*Alternatively, include two bottles of water, some locally inspired candy, a map of the area and some late night snack for your welcome baskets.

2. To make the beautiful Home Plates, featured in the top right corner, choose a small platter (5 1/2 X 7 ). Matthew offers papers that you can download from their
site. Add the number using a
stencil or rub off numbers from the craft store. Matthew used mod podge
(decoupage medium available at the craft store) to adhere the paper to
the plate. For outdoor use, weatherproof with urethane.

*Alternatively, use a hodge-podge of different plates as table numbers. You can set them up on each table using a frame stand.

3. Top make the perfect lanterns, featured in the bottom left corner, use two sheets of paper back-to-back against the outside of the glass.
Double-sided tape will hold things in place. Paper all four sides of
the lantern, including the door. Hang multiple lanterns over a dining
table, spread around a great room, or place strategically on a porch
for just the right amount of romantic light.

4. To make these oh-so-cute favor bags, fill wax paper bags with cookies, candy, salt-water taffy, and other yummy
summer treats. Use printed paper, cut with a deckled edge to secure the bags. Give to guests at showers, tea parties, weddings, etc.
Cut the edges with pinking shears for an heirloom feel or use other
shaped scissors for an innovative decorative edged look.