Wedding Invitations by Oblation Papers
February 29, 2008

Green is in people. It seems that all elements of design, from high end interiors to wedding styling, is moving towards a cleaner, more environmentally sound approach. And, with designers now making it so easy to go green without sacrificing style, why NOT incorporate eco-chic elements into your wedding.

Oblation Papers & Press has been a long time love of mine. If you've ever seen their work in person, you know how luxurious the papers are, how gorgeous the letterpress work is and how absolutely delightful their designs are...


And just look at the process that is involved in creating these's absolutely incredible!


I've asked the team at Oblation Papers & Press to write up a bit about their amazing invitations and the process behind each design...

Oblation Papers & Press is an old world letterpress print shop and urban paper mill. We use traditional techniques to produce 100% cotton sheets of paper by hand. Our paper is strong, acid free, and produced from remnants from the garment industry. It also happens to be perfectly suited for antique letterpress printing.

We consciously price our invitations lower than others in the premium letterpress market. Our work starts at about $6 for an invitation and $3.5 for a response set. All of our work is made to order. We offer design services, we accept custom artwork, and we encourage couples to create wedding invitations that are unique to them.

We recently released new wedding designs featuring large-format invitations, bright white handmade paper, and bright white envelopes. Our new Prairie Flower design mixes saffron colored botanical silhouettes and calligraphic swashes with simple modern text and open space. A delightful combination that is perfectly suited for the nature inspired couple.

Remember... as always, we make our tree-free cotton paper by hand in Portland, Oregon using remnants from the garment industry. Our envelopes are made with 100% post-consumer fiber. We letterpress using soy-based inks whenever possible. We encourage customers to use single envelopes and reply postcards-- two simple options to lighten your invitation suite's footprint on our earth.

Our staff is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. Whether we're bringing our own mugs across the street to our favorite latte spot, or feeding our lunch leftovers to the worm in our worm composting bin, we're genuine about improving the health of our planet.

Thank you SO much to Oblation Papers for sharing these behind-the-scenes details with us, and for giving us a sneak peek at your new designs!!