Ask Abby
February 28, 2008

Another Dear Abby question for you...

Q3 - I am getting married in May 2008 in a church. My bridesmaid’s dresses are a tea length dusty rose color. My STD were beige, brown, and rose along with my invitations. Where do I go from here and can I change my color scheme for the wedding?? What other colors go with Dusty Rose??

Okay, first and an invitation designer who firmly believes that invitations do set the tone for the entire wedding, I also believe in a bride's right to change her mind! If you have decided that you are no longer wanting the dusty rose look...don't think twice about moving on and choosing a new palette. Your guests will never know the difference.

With that said, I have always loved the dusty rose, champagne, cream and brown combination. This palette has been a favorite of mine since I stumbled into the wedding industry. It's elegant, it's feminine, it's just gorgeous. But what is really inspiring me right the dusty rose, paired with ultra pale pinks, creams and deep burgundy...


By adding a deep purple or burgundy (black even), you get this amazing contrast that seems to make all of the subtle hues really pop.