Ask Abby
February 28, 2008

Another Dear Abby question...

Q2 - I know you often have challenges and questions with beautiful solutions on the blog, and thought you might like to address this one. I have a client who is 50 years old, marrying for the second time, and looking for a wedding dress. She asked if I had any ideas for a dress for her... I guess that's proving to be the toughest part of the planning! : ) She's a professional, a new grandmother, and I guess a bit "matronly", but she's got a great smile and lots of personality. Any dress I would like for her is, I'm guessing, a bit too young and girly girl. I know I've seen some dresses online recently, somewhere, that inspired me to think, "finally! The mother of the bride doesn't have to dress terribly", but I can't remember where. If you have any great MOB dress resources that would also be great for a middle aged bride who's not necessarily going to wear white (but might), let me know!

Great question! I know that Mothers of the Bride often feel enormously frustrated with the options that are out there. If any of you guys have great suggestions as to where this bride can find something chic, but sophisticated, let us know!

A2 - The more I researched Mother of the Bride dresses, the more I realized that I think this bride should wear something a bit more "bride." Where MOB outfits should be classic, elegant and understated sophistication...a bride should always sparkle a bit. Regardless of how old she is, how many times she's been married, how low-key she wants to dress.

For this bride, I am seeing something in a soft champagne color. The left dress is a bit more feminine and can really go with any season. The dress on the right is a bit more summery and casual, but would be beautiful with a pretty gold wrap...


Left dress at Neimans, Silk Flowers by Sophiei, Crystal Drop earrings at Neimans, Right dress by Luca Luca

We will tackle Mother of the Bride outfits soon!