Reader Inspiration Boards
February 22, 2008

Okay, this inspiration board, designed by reader Erica is SO unique and completely shows the fun personality of the bride and groom...


From Erica...

I've loved exploring your site, and getting inspired - I've found so many great ideas and palates here that I wish I could have five totally different weddings! But having had to settle on one with my fiance has been fun too, and this is our early-stage planning inspiration board. The details of where to find the products in our inspiration board, can be found here.

When we began planning we knew only that we wanted to stay in the Boston area (where we met, and I'm from) and wanted to keep it low budget, fun and casual while reflecting my love for 50s style and literature, and his for campy pop-culture. One day at the Institute for Contemporary Art we came across a box of postcards of pulp novel covers, and immediately thought they would make great RSVP cards. That set us off on a 'pulp' theme, which we're planning on incorporating through several projects (illustrated save-the-dates in the pulp-style courtesy of a graphic designer friend of mine, hand-made pulp novel purses as female attendant gifts, typewriter key cufflinks for the male attendants, and if we can manage it pulp cover poster-sized prints on fabric to hang on the walls).

Picking the colors was surprisingly easy, red has always been my favorite color and when we met I had cherry-red hair. Purple and orange seemed natural compliments to the red (that will either be my dress or my hair for the day) without being too typically fall-toned. I've always loved the simplicity of tulips, and didn't want to have a lot of cut flowers, so just a few stems for the wedding party, and then candle and branch centerpieces seems like the solution. And of course, red velvet cake. Or, cupcakes as I think it will be, since I'm planning on baking them myself. And I found this beautiful cranberry-chocolate cake which, when made with red-velvet cake and chocolate frosting, will be absolutely perfect I think.

o something unified came together seemingly out of nowhere, especially with my literariness and his cheesy fun combining perfectly in the pulp covers. We'll see how things progress as the date approaches (Sept 27th, 2008), but so far I'm feeling incredibly excited about how everything is fitting together.