A Pink Inspired Wedding
February 1, 2008

Jose Villa has been sweet enough to share with us another of his gorgeous wedding board creations. And if the last one left you feeling a bit dreamy, this next board will certainly brighten things up...


Again, this palette is completely monochromatic...predominately shocks of bright pink, paired naturally with deep chocolates and blacks. In a word, it's stunning. The flowers are show-stoppingly gorgeous, designed by the oh-so-talented Camille of Modern Day Design. Placed in deep black vases, the color of the flowers completely takes center stage.

A couple of notes about this wedding that can be applied to just about any color palette...

-Choose one color to set off the tone of the wedding, inspired by your surroundings. In this case, it's pink...brought in because of those perfect pink flowers growing within the garden.

-Once you've chosen your color, GO WITH IT. True pink bridesmaids dresses, paired with darker pink flowers really bring a sense of depth to this style. The pink is literally threaded through every element of this affair.

-Choose one signature cocktail to serve (which will cut down on the bar bill), that accentuates the color that you've chosen.

-Have your mothers help spread the word to close friends and family (don't go overboard) that you would love for guests to wear a touch of pink in celebration of your day.

-Most importantly, pair your one color with hues that will only serve to set off the beauty of your palette. In this case, the blacks/browns on the chairs, along with the simplicity of the chocolate cake, really set the pink off in all it's glory. Without these deeper hues, you run the risk of looking too themed.

Thank you so much Jose for sharing these lovely style boards with us! Through your perfect photographs, we are able to find so many ideas and inspirations. They are so beautiful and have really inspired me to start working on new, fresh color palettes!